Nutrition Coaching

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Introducing healthier nutrition options will give you more energy and brain power throughout the day. I have three levels of nutrition coaching depending on your personal goals.

Level 1: No crazy diets or meal plans. I work with you to make your nutrition a permanent solution. We work together on changing habits and making better choices. Eating out at a restaurant? No problem! I give you the tools you need to get the results you’re looking for.

Level 2: This plan is a little stricter than level 1 and includes meal plans. Don’t worry! It also includes cheat meals. With guided meal plans, you’ll really know what you’re putting into your body because you’ll be meal prepping most of the time. You’ll be given a variety of recipe choices in your plans so that you won’t be eating the same thing all the time. Imagine opening your fridge and having healthy meals at your fingertips!

Level 3: This level is for athletes and fitness competitors. It includes meal plans to get your calories and macros really in check. We’ll be working on eating whole, nutrient-dense foods and keeping your blood sugar steady. Plan on eating home-cooked meals 90% of the time and really limiting alcohol and sugar.

All nutrition coaching plans are 12 consecutive weeks long. Clients must log in MyFitnessPal app so that I can monitor progress. Meal plans are included in levels 2 & 3. Weekly phone check-ins are required for all plans. Contact me for your free consultation at

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